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2018 Official Album · Akira the Don & Jordan B. Peterson

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  • Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back
  • Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible For Helping
  • Make Friends With People Who Want The Best For You
  • Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Someone Else Is Today
  • Don't Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them
  • Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticize The World
  • Pursue What is Meaningful, Not What Is Expedient
  • Tell The Truth or At Least Don't Lie
  • Assume That The Person You’re Listening To Might Know Something You Don’t
  • Be Precise In Your Speech
  • Don’t Bother Children When They’re Skateboarding
  • Pet A Cat When You Encounter One