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2013 Official Album

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  • Forever in a Day (Radio Edit)
  • Me and the Music
  • Foolin' Around (Radio Edit)
  • Lonely Lover
  • Never Let Me Down (Radio Edit)
  • Free (Radio Edit)
  • Broken Heart
  • Drop It Low
  • Let Love Fill You
  • I'm in Love
  • Outstanding
  • Spaceman
  • Free (Version Fran├žaise)
  • What You Say
  • Foolin' Around (Prince Dred Remix)
  • Forever in a Day (Willy William Club Remix)
  • Never Let Me Down (Super Stylers Remix)
  • What You Say (Benjamin Terrier Remix)
  • Broken Heart (Prince Dred Remix)
  • Free (Willy William Remix Club)
  • Free (Joan of Art Dubstep Remix)
  • Forever in a Day (Benjamin Terrier Extended Remix)