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2016 Official Album Compilation

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  • Intro To My Startr Won't Start
  • My Startr Won't Start
  • Intro To Loretta
  • Loretta
  • Intro To Pancho And Lefty
  • Pancho And Lefty
  • Intro To Dollar Bill Blues
  • Dollar Bill Blues
  • Intro To Buckskin Stallion
  • Buckskin Stallion
  • Intro To Katie Belle Blue
  • Katie Belle Blue
  • Intro To Marie
  • Marie
  • Intro To Waiting Around To Die
  • Waiting Around To Die
  • Intro To A Song For
  • A Song For
  • Intro To Short Haired Woman Blues
  • Short Haired Woman Blues
  • Intro To Song Of The Shrimp
  • Ballad Of The Three Shrimps
  • Intro To Sanitarium Blues
  • Sanitarium Blues
  • Intro To Tecumseh Valley/Dead Flowers
  • Tecumseh Valley/Dead Flowers
  • Intro To Colorado Girl
  • Colorado Girl
  • Outro