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2007 Official Album

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  • The Celestial Railroad (Opening Theme Music)
  • An Afternoon Class
  • Home
  • Night of the Star Festival
  • Steeple Point
  • Milky Way Station
  • One Night (Theme Song)
  • The Stars are Survey Towers
  • Reflection of the Celestial River
  • Lighthouse and Migratory Birds
  • Journey across the Sky
  • Scent of Apples
  • Nearer, my God, to Thee [Christian Hymn]
  • Symphony No.9, in E Minor, Op.95 "From the New World":II Largo, composed by Dvorak
  • Fire of Scorpion
  • Southern Cross
  • Holy Destination
  • Black Hole
  • Running through the Stars (Ending Theme Music)
  • Praying for You
  • A Song for the Sky Travelers
  • One Night (Instrumental Version)