» Discography » Solidarity: It Can't Be Beat

2002 Official Album

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  • Rocking Solidarity
  • We’ll Stay Out on the Line (This Little Light of Mine)
  • Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
  • We’re Gonna Roll the Union On
  • Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind Set on Freedom)
  • We Are Building a Strong Union (Jacob’s Ladder)
  • De Colores
  • There Is a Power in the Union
  • No More Layoffs
  • It’s a Small Wage After All
  • As Time Goes By
  • Ale Brider
  • Talking Union
  • Organize (We’re the Union)
  • No Nos Moverán (We Shall Not Be Moved)
  • We Were There
  • Public Workers Stand Together
  • WTO Has Got to Go (Shout No!)
  • Solidarity Forever